adverb of denial

s LINGÜÍSTICA adverbi de negació

English-Catalan dictionary. 2013.

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  • adverb — I. noun Etymology: Middle English adverbe, from Middle French, from Latin adverbium, from ad + verbum word more at word Date: 14th century a word belonging to one of the major form classes in any of numerous languages, typically serving as a… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • self-denial — /sɛlf dəˈnaɪəl/ (say self duh nuyuhl) noun the sacrifice of one s own desires; unselfishness. –self denying, adjective –self denyingly, adverb …   Australian English dictionary

  • ad|mit|ted|ly — «ad MIHT ihd lee», adverb. without denial; by general consent: »Admittedly the rules are strict. It is admittedly not easy for a proud nation to admit a serious mistake in judgment (James P. Warburg) …   Useful english dictionary

  • un|de|ni|a|bly — «UHN dih NY uh blee», adverb. beyond denial or dispute; certainly. SYNONYM(S): unquestionably …   Useful english dictionary

  • on the contrary — adverb contrary to expectations (Freq. 10) he didn t stay home; on the contrary, he went out with his friends • Syn: ↑contrarily, ↑to the contrary, ↑contrariwise • Derived from adjective: ↑contrary ( …   Useful english dictionary

  • patently — adverb formal a word meaning clearly, used about something that is so clearly bad that no reasonable person could disagree with that fact: The treatment is patently not working. | patently false/impossible/absurd/obvious etc: Her denial was swift …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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  • negative — I. adjective Date: 15th century 1. a. marked by denial, prohibition, or refusal < received a negative answer >; also marked by absence, withholding, or removal of something positive < the negative motivation of shame Garrett Hardin > b. (1)… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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